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FXOpen will release important updates that will influence how your account works in the MyFXOpen trader’s personal back-office area.

FXOpen clients will now use their Main Account PIN codes to confirm all kinds of fund transfers and withdrawals:

  • Internal Transfer from the Main Account to a Trading Account
  • Internal Transfer from a Trading Account to a Main Account
  • Withdrawal from a Main Account via any available payment option
  • External Transfer from your Main Account to another client’s Main Account
  • All PAMM account operations where PIN is required (create PAMM, join PAMM, add funds to PAMM, liquidate PAMM or withdraw from a PAMM account).

If you are opening a new Main Account with FXOpen, you will get the PIN code for your Main account at the end of the account opening form. If you add any trading accounts under the main account, the system will only give you the details to access Meta Trader 4 ( trading account number, trader’s and investor’s passwords and server address), but no PIN code.

If you are a registered FXOpen client, start using your Main Account PIN to confirm all transfers. The PIN codes for trading accounts will no longer be valid.

If you are a registered FXOpen client, but do not have the PIN for your Main Account, the system will ask you to enter the PIN for one of your trading accounts the first time you withdraw or transfer. After you do so, the system will remember this PIN code as your MAIN ACCOUNT PIN.

For details, please, see What’s New? in the FXOpen CRM Knowledge Base.

We do hope that you will find this improvement useful. It eliminates the confusion caused by the fact, that a client had to remember and use multiple PIN codes. With the unified PIN, transferring and withdrawing funds via the MyFXOpen area becomes more convenient.
FXOpen will continue working on further improvements to bring the industry’s best trading and operational conditions to our customers.

Please, feel free to give us your feed-back and suggestions. You opinion is always much-appreciated!

Regards, FXOpen Team